Pâté de campagne

On the occasions that I can get out to the local wineries, there is nothing better than bringing along a light lunch of a few cheese, some olives, pickles, and your own pâté. It is surprisingly simple to make and is well suited for a quick bite on the go. I am fortunate to have a local friend who raises hogs on the side. When it is slaughter time, I ask that she please save me the liver especially for this delicious dish.

For a more professional outcome, try to locate some “Morton’s Tender Quick” to use with this recipe. Alternatively, Kosher salt will work.


Warm artichoke dip

Easy to throw together and a crowd pleaser.

Steak seasoning

This is a Montreal style steak seasoning, but we use it on several other things as well. Good savory flavor.

Pork seasoning

I grew up eating a lot of items seasoned with Lawry’s season salt. If you are familiar with it, you’ll know that it’s pretty salty. This recipe is very similar. I particularly like this type of blend on pork, but it’s important to use it sparingly. This is one of the few places where I’ll intentionally use table salt, and it’s, well… salty!

Creole seasoning


I love Louisiana. When we get the chance to visit, we enjoy the food, culture, and spice! The above image is Jack waiting patiently for something tasty to take the bait on Bayou Sauvage just outside of New Orleans.

This is an all purpose creole seasoning used to flavor soups, sandwiches, fried critters, etc.. Give it a try!

BBQ rub

IMG_0742 copy

Often, I like to simply use Kosher salt and coarse black pepper to rub down briskets and the like, but sometimes I get crazy and use this all purpose rub.