Smoked salmon

Hot smoked salmon is one of my favorite treats. It’s easy to put together, tastes great on its own, and can be an important component in several other dishes as well. Oh, and did I mention, it keeps very well too!

Bad Santa

It’s back into the brewery my friends…

IMG_0185 2

A few weeks before Thanksgiving every year, my friend Rich and I like to try our hand at a holiday beer. Holiday beers have become very popular. Some holiday beers clearly have the flavor of the season with cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, pine needles (yes, seriously), and other flavors that remind us of this time of year. Alternatively, and maybe more traditionally, some holiday beers are just stronger, stick to your bones, versions of standard beers. The thought being that people would enjoy a heartier beer in the cold winter months whilst relaxing by the ol’ fireplace.

This year, we opted for the obviously spicy holiday type of beer. It includes Vanilla, maple syrup, and cinnamon. We borrowed this recipe from an award winning recipe we found which sounded good. Of course, we’ve made a few tweaks, and we’re certainly looking forward to sharing it with everyone at the annual holiday party.


OG = 1.085

FG = 1.018

ABV = 8.6%