Smoked salmon pizza with capers, red onion, and cream cheese

Start with the pizza crust recipe. For the smoked salmon pizza as an appetizer, I like to make the pizza a little smaller and thinner; therefore, one pizza crust recipe will make about 2 smaller pizzas. Incorporating some dill into the pizza crust goes particularly well with this one.

Smoked salmon dip

So easy to throw together and always a crowd pleaser. Goes great on a charcuterie platter with an assortment of sausages, olives, crackers, etc.. It’s easy to smoke your own salmon or simply buy some good quality stuff at the store.


IMG_0062The muffuletta is the official New Orleans sandwich, at least it is in my opinion. Italian immigrants are rumored to have established the sandwich at the Central Grocery long ago, where it remains popular to this day. Sure, there are other ‘Nawlins sandwiches such as the “po’ boy”, which is a mighty fine sandwich in its own right, but I like the briny olivey goodness of the olive spread and the Italian cold cuts. This sandwich is reasonably easy to pull together with straightforward ingredients which are likely lurking about in your pantry and ice box. Also, the olive spread can be assembled well in advance and actually tastes better the longer it marinates about.

While the recipe below specifies certain cheeses and meats, you will soon see that the olive spread plays well with an assortment of your favorite meats and cheese available at your local deli. Also, the bread is traditionally a large (frisbee size) disk of medium density bread. This is not always available, so you may have to improvise with a nice french roll or loaf in lieu of the frisbee. Don’t worry, it will be delicious!

Salmon cakes


I had a pound of salmon in the fridge I had purchased locally the day before. The salmon was wild caught Soho from up north and it was expensive. Of course I understand that a nice salmon filet can be incredible when prepared simply on the grill and some folks might consider it blasphemous to make it into patties since often canned salmon is used for this purpose but I don’t care. Salmon cakes sounded really good and I was confident that I had the necessary ingredients to make them good, really good. Here’s how it went down: