Warm artichoke dip

Easy to throw together and a crowd pleaser.

Blueberry Coffee Cake


My family loves this simple coffee cake and it is also great for company. Since the ingredients are straightforward, it’s likely that you’ll have the stuff necessary without making a special trip to the store.

It’s easy enough to throw this recipe together while everyone is enjoying their first cup of coffee in the morning. When blueberries are in season, this is a great use for them and a special treat, but I also try to keep a stock of frozen blueberries hanging around as they work particularly well for this easy recipe.



This easy and versatile coleslaw dressing recipe can be used with either whole head cabbage or an equivalent amount of that tasty broccoli slaw mixture which is available at the store.


Salmon cakes


I had a pound of salmon in the fridge I had purchased locally the day before. The salmon was wild caught Soho from up north and it was expensive. Of course I understand that a nice salmon filet can be incredible when prepared simply on the grill and some folks might consider it blasphemous to make it into patties since often canned salmon is used for this purpose but I don’t care. Salmon cakes sounded really good and I was confident that I had the necessary ingredients to make them good, really good. Here’s how it went down:

Bánh mì

Banh mi

Otherwise known as the Vietnamese sandwich. According to Wikipedia, the term “Bánh mì” actually refers to the bread. It is important to use a good french bread here with a crust that is not too hard. A little crispness is a good thing.

The Bánh mì is, unfortunately, a bit scarce in my local area here in the Sierra Nevada foothills. A local restaurant, “La Bou” in El Dorado hills, used to have one on their menu which was tasty. That  might even be how I got hooked. I still make it a point to order it every time I go in there so they can explain to me how they removed it from the menu at only this one location and they can look at the disappointment on my face. Of course, in the bay area, these sandwiches are quite popular and very good.

There’s something about the pickled vegetables, spiciness, and caramelized meat which just comes together in a magical way. There’s really no trickery here, but there is a little time investment involved in prepping and marinating veggies, but it is well worth it and most things can be done ahead. Also, these sandwiches are often made with various types of pork lunchmeat which often contains bits of pork ear which adds to the texture. But I like the barbecued, caramelized pork versions the best. As luck would have it, our local supermarket carries some of the thinnest pork loin chops which are nearly useless, until now…